About us

MVN- management team is a unique combination of experienced educationalist, qualified and trained teachers and corporate managers. It strives to achieve the objectives of the organization via continuous research, introduction of latest training methodologies to ensure adherence to set guidelines.

In an intensely competitive world today, there is an urgent need to start as early as possible and make children ready for the world of future. Even today is late. We believe in an early start. It’s the right time to lay the first step for your child’s bright future. Children are our HOPE and FUTURE. Let us our parents and teachers to participate in their GROWTH.
A school is not just a place where information is faced on young minds, it is not a routine where 6 potential hours are spent , not a mere building where teachers and students gather and 6 subjects taught; but a powerful place where future is locked in it.
To achieve this end, this school has created a comprehensive infrastructure and has combined it with an environment conducive to the development of each area of a child’s person, with an objective of creating a scientific attitude, a creative bend of mind and a sensitive human being in him.