1. Good education is the joint effect of the school and parents. Though the school can do a lot for the child, it cannot do everything. Your full home is the place where students get their first education of our children will be completed only with your full co-operation. Parents Teachers co-operation is essential for complete and harmonious development of a student’s personality.
2. Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational and useful programmes on the T.V. habitually watching of movies and films songs may take the children away from the realities of the life.
3. If for certain reasons your child needs special attention or care, please report to the principal, so that proper care and attention is given to your ward.
4. While sending letters or making remittance of fee and enquiries please write full name of child, his/her class and the ledger No. /Roll No . Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform as per the specification and design laid by the school.
5. Pay the school fees regularly on time.